• Fastest: Quick pace, short matches, competitive teamplay

  • Multiplayer: Online(*) and LAN, up to 10 players (bots will fill vacant slots during gameplay)

  • Arena: Procedurally generated maps, each with its own unique name

  • Shmup: Customize your ship with multiple levels of upgrade

  • Minimalistic: Require a modest rig, Windows XP and DirectX 9.0c

(*) There is no longer a master server. If you wish to host a game online open port 16180 on your router and connect via console: join ip:port

Steam Greenlight DOMINATRON
  • Q: Where can I get it?
    A: Here. The game is still in beta, we will add more stuff and some things may change.

  • Q: Is it free?
    A: The open beta is free for a limited time only, then we will ask a little money for it.

  • Q: d3dx9_35.dll is missing or something?
    A: You need to install DirectX.

  • Q: How does it play?
    A: Capture as many quads as you can, they recharge your HP, give you respawns (the team score) and eventually expire. Capture them again.

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